Stop Algae From Taking Over Your Pool

Rely on us for pool cleaning service in Hollywood & Weston, FL

Algae thrives in warm, humid environments. That makes your pool in Hollywood & Weston, FL a prime target. Is your pool water turning a bright shade of green? A Clear Water Service offers professional pool cleaning to remove algae blooms fast.

Don't waste your time browsing the shelves at the pool supply store. We'll arrive on time and use the right products for the job. Call us today for quality pool cleaning service.

When should you schedule a green clean service?

When should you schedule a green clean service?

Attempting to remove algae yourself can sometimes create even more problems if the chemicals aren't just right. You should contact us right away for a pool cleaning if:

  • Your pool water is starting to change colors
  • You've accidentally add chlorine to a bromine pool
  • The weather has changed significantly recently

We'll inspect your pool to tailor our pool cleaning service to your needs. Speak with us today to stop algae in its tracks.