Make Sure Your Pool Is Safe for Swimming

We perform dependable pool chemical service in Hollywood & Weston, FL

Testing and balancing your water is one of the key steps to ensuring safe and refreshing swimming in your pool. Water left outside for too long will naturally develop algae, bacteria and other dangerous contaminants. Count on the pros at A Clear Water Service for pool chemical service and acid washing in Hollywood & Weston, FL.

Acid washing the sides of your pool will remove unsightly stains and restore your pool's original brightness. Combined with regular chemical balancing, acid washing will ensure your pool continues to look great for decades.

Call us today to see if acid washing is right for your particular pool design.

Why is chemical balancing important?

Why is chemical balancing important?

Correcting pH levels and maintaining a proper chemical balance takes a lot of hard work and diligence. Here are just a few of the important reasons to maintain a balanced swimming pool:

  • Chlorine will work more effectively when the pH is balanced
  • Your pool water will be gentler on your eyes
  • Ladders, handrails and pumps will corrode if the pH is too low

A proper pH will also feel better on your skin after prolonged periods in the pool. Reach out to us for a pool chemical service in the Weston, FL area.